Have a creative job isn’t an easy thing. On Instagram, it can make you a huge dizzy when you see all the creative profiles online. This year I learnt essentials lessons that I want to share with you. After that, it will help you to grow up your buisness.


Looking for clients : is it a good idea ?

Ok, it seems crazy but give me few minutes to explain. I spent so many hours to send emails, went to events, met people to show my work and at the end, no one give me paid works. I lost a lot of my time so I decided to stop it. I always had in my mind an interview of Pauline Darley, a successful french photographer. She lets people to contact her. By this way, interesting offers coming because they are truly interested by her work. This is truth. When your clients find you, it’s because they are enthusiasm about your work and your creative world. So, it’s more easy to communicate, deal with and it also give you your best experience.


Being seen, best friend or best enemy ?

Forget all the requests that ask you free work ( the famous one : free work for visibility ). One day, a very famous French contest contacted me and asked to work for free. They’re said that I will be superstar. Never forget that what you do is an amazing art. You’re spending time to organise and make it with all your soul. Treat it with love and respect. This kind of people are not interest about you, they’re only looking for keeping money and will not showing respect. You will be surely disappointed and you will lost a lot of time. When you’re stoping to deal with them, serious clients will contact you. The best way to being seen is to keep your time and works on a stronger communication as a real professional.


Create with passion.

It seems to be a very simple thing but it is important to please yourself when you are on the creative process. Be focus on what you want to do and try it. Keep some times for your personal and artistic activities. A lot of photographers stopped their activities because they were disgusted about it. Try new skills, make some mix between disciplines. There are no rules. If you feel joy in your practice, your clients will feel it. Good vibes are everything.


Do you think that this advices are unrealistic and can be work only with popular photographers ? I completely understand because I was in the same set mind. But, I always kept this advices in my head. It’s hard to change the way to work. I suggest you to try, to be patient and never let it down. Since I act like this, my goals are successful and I got a great contracts.