On my last articles, being a professional photographer and how to work in Japan, I wanted to highlight what I learned to help you in these topics. In this one, it’s a more personal. A sneak peek on the last year with my inspirations, my best moments and the next steps for 2020.


Discoveries and inspirations.

A meeting of discoveries and inspirations found in exhibitions and cultural places. Love at first sight, Cao Fei and her powerful proposal HX at the Pomdidou Center. A gorgeous exhibition in her artistic world. An electric and poetic movie, Nova. And the research room, with souvenirs and archives. In this subject of fantasy and science fiction, there is the series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, from the stories of the author and make great episode with a strong cast. On the same concept, the animated series Love, Death and Robots has unique story in the narrative and pictural ways. These anthologies hide some treasures. These findings help me to build my personal work : it’s like a scifi story.


The highlights of the year.

To join the team of a European contest, looking for of new faces. The next models of the fashion industry. Followed and prepared them on this adventure. Ready to start a new life. I was between different cities and capitals and then outside Europe. Spent a month and a half in Tokyo. Intense moments. Worked for a travel agency. To be confronted with a new daily life. A new culture. On the other side, far away from the tourist’s vision. Wonderful meetings. A journey that changes you. Return to France. Make a part of the Fashion Week. Met prestigious creators for interviews. To discover theirs backstages. The story of new collections and anecdotes on their careers.


What’s next for 2020 ?

Learn. Share. Meet. Create. Travel. Explore music, writing, video. Things that I always studied but now, I want to include them into my work. Maybe working with artists like musicians, travelling more to work with new people or focus on some projects with magazines and newpapers. Also, when I started my activity, I have written in a notebook, all about my experiences, my mistakes and things that work or not. A support that I created to help me. I think it can be good to share it with who want to live with their art ( and create a masterclass for it ? ).


I hope you enjoy this personal article and  made some great discoveries. I look forward to know your inspirations, your highlights of 2019 and your new goals for this new year. Thanks for reading and I wish you a happy new year.