Working in Japan is quite different of what we know about the working world. After one year and half that I launched my activities between Paris and Tokyo, let me introduce the different steps to help you to build something in this country.

Well knowing your environment.

If you start this adventure by yourself, this step is the most important. Although a Japanese won’t tell you if you make a mistake, it can still make things more difficult.. Start to learn few words in japanese, like politeness formulas. It will show your motivation to try to understand a part of the culture. Not all Japanese speak english and the contracts can be write their native language. Take a look of what kind of compagnies that you want to work with, what is their mind set? It will give you a huge advance. Respect the hierarchy, the politeness is crucial and different between the status of the person you will meet. Don’t forget, negotiation is not a common thing.

How to find your compagny ?

Maybe it’s old school but you can looking for twin towns. Your town hall can help you in your researches. Are you looking for an art residence or an exchange university ? Your school or your compagny can also have partnerships with japanese towns. Linkedln is also a good point to start but I saw more advertising about Indeed in Tokyo. Instagram is a good option too. The most easy way is to find a job is to contact international compagny. It will be less different of the working word that we know. Your coworkers are from everywhere and they live the same experience than you. It’s more confortable to know that you will have coworkers who understand what you live. The perfect mix to change progessively.

First contacts : emails and meetings.

Japanese people like will, respect and organization. Introduce yourself with your name, age, job and where you’re from. It is very basic but in France only your name and job is enough. You can do it in japanese, it’s not really complicated and memorize it. Then, you can share your personal motivations, your projects and dreams in english. Try to have an guarantor will smooth things easily. It’ will reassure the compagny or your contact about the difference of culture and language. Choose your japanese partner carefully because it will represent you in the country.

After a year of going back and forth between France and Japan for spottings and meetings and I got my contract. If I can do it, you can also do ! I hope all that I learn the last months will help you to success. Trust yourself. Gambatte ne.